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Las Vegas Travel Guide and Lookbook

Las Vegas Travel Guide and Lookbook

Sharing what to you need to do, and wear in Las Vegas.



This was one of my favorite activities on the trip.  It's a little outside of town, but definitely worth the 15 minute Uber ride.  Neon Boneyard supports a great cause in preserving the history of Las Vegas through their signs.  The entry fee goes to maintaining the signs and restoring them (which costs ~$60k per sign).  So not only will you get an informative and interesting tour, you will help preserve the history of the city.

PS. Bring a water bottle and clothing that will keep you cool because the signs reflect heat.  That means that the area can be 15-20 degrees hotter.

Neon Boneyard signs
and of course, your typical tourist pic.

and of course, your typical tourist pic.

My Look |

Jordan's Individual Pieces |


Lago at the Belagio |

This restaurant specializes in small, Mediterranean plates that are rather expensive.  To be honest, I wasn't blown away by the food, so I recommend ordering cocktails and taking in the beautiful view and décor. 


To Lagos We Wore |

To Lagos We Wore |

My Individual Look |

Jordan's Individual Look |

Chandelier Lounge | The Cosmopolitan

This is hands down my favorite hotel on the strip.  It combines old school glamour with modern day décor.  Their huge Chandelier Lounge in the middle of the casino isn't too shabby either.  The bar is enshrouded in crystals that resemble a chandelier.

Order the Verbena, the lounge's signature drink. Quoting our waitress, "it's an experience you wont forget."  On paper, it seems like your average cocktail, but after learning how to properly experience it, it is anything but. 

How To Enjoy |

Upon receiving your cocktail, you'll notice a little yellow flower called a Szechaun on top.  Resist sipping your cocktail, and pop the flower into your mouth, chew and move the flower all around your mouth for as long as you can (it's quite bitter).  This assures the most intense experience.  Then, after you swallow, take a sip of your cocktail, breath in and out.  To simplify, it felt like Novocain mixed with a minty, fuzzy sensation.  Each person's experience is totally different, so I recommend you give it a try yourself!


Hyde |

If you go at an earlier time (5/6pm) you can get great seats facing the Belagio Fountains and Paris.  I recommend checking it out after dinner for cocktails.  I ordered the Love Unit featured in the New York Times, and Jordan got the Mexican Hot Coffee.  I recommend the Love Unit, it has an incredibly crisp, fresh flavor brought on by the bell peppers in it.

Love Unit Hyde Las Vegas.jpg
views from the outdoor deck at Hyde.

views from the outdoor deck at Hyde.

Hyde Outfit.jpg

My Look |


If you happen to be there during the slower season like we were, I recommend checking out as many concerts as you can because you can get great seats.

While there, we saw Rick Ross, Calvin Harris, O by Cirque de Soleil, and Brillz.  Since it wasn't crowded, we got really close to the stage.

PSA: sign up for the M Life rewards before you go because it can save you a lot of money and it's totally free.  Luckily, Jordan signed up when he was living there, and because of that we got $50 off of each Cirque De Soleil ticket.

Las Vegas Pool Party.jpg

For Day Parties |

Be prepared to shell out some cash for not only a ticket, but a locker on site too.  Unless you have a reserved cabana, there is no where to store your clothing.

If you plan on going in the water (you will because it's sweltering), it's best to wear comfortable sandals with your swimsuit.

Las Vegas club.jpg

To These Concerts We Wore |

My Individual Pieces |

Jordan's Individual Pieces |


There are endless things to do in Las Vegas, but my tried and true favorite is walking the strip and exploring the hotels.  Every one has a different theme, architecture and décor.  Plus their bars and pool bars aren't too bad either.

What We Wore |

Las+Vegas+couples outfit.jpg

Last Day Looks |

We were definitely sad to leave.

My Individual Pieces |

Jordan's Individual Pieces |

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