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Boston | Museum Guide

Boston | Museum Guide

Living in Boston for most of my life, I'm sad to say that I've only started to explore all of the nuances of the city now.  There are so many hidden gems and experiences to have and I want to share them with you!


as an art major I have an appreciation for museums.  Not only can you get lost exploring the buildings, but you can learn, sketch, eat AND party at them (Night At The Museum).

Museums are one of the must under appreciated activities in the city.  Bring a sketchbook, a friend (preferably one who knows art) and take your time exploring and really looking at the art.  You can learn so much about the subject, medium and style of the creative process if you look a little closer.  Try studying the paint strokes, or thickness of the pen/pencil mark and try to think about what it says about the artist.  What do you think they're like?  What do they want to show through this piece?  Is it happy, sad, excited?  Talk about your observations with your friend, emulate the piece in your own way and continue like this through the museum.

If you care to venture out of the city, I HIGHLY recommend the Peabody Essex Museum that hosts many fashion exhibits and the Portland Museum of Art.


your one stop shop for old, new and iconic.

MFA Museum Boston
Tech Style MFA Boston
MFA things to do in Boston


Don't forget about MFA Late Nights.  I recently attended the MFA Late Nite on March 3rd and here is what I learned:

  • Purchasing a ticket in advance or reserving a space with your XPass is CRUCIAL because if you don't, you'll end up in the first come, first serve line (which is about an hour wait outside).  I made the mistake of buying an XPass and not reserving, and experienced the outdoor hour wait first hand.  Speaking of reserving, I suggest calling in because finding a place to reserve your XPass on their website is nearly impossible. I'm not salty about this, I swear.
  • It is really crowded, like 1.5k+ people crowded. 
  • There is food and drink, but it is not included in the ticket.
  • They have really fun activities, like figure drawing (pictured above), a Virtual Reality experience, live music and talks by the artists.
MFA Late Nite Line

MFA Late Nite Line

MFA Late Nite Figure Drawing


come for the beautiful architecture, and gape at the courtyard that is #madeforInstagram.  I went two weeks ago and I'm still blown away by the architecture.

ISG Museum Boston
Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum Boston
Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum


new, contemporary art work paired with modern architecture and a beautiful view of the water.  

things to do in Boston ICA Boston
museums Boston ICA


for the kid at heart.  I LOVE the butterfly room (sometimes they land on you)!

Museum of Science Boston
things to do in Boston Museum of Science


the BEST fashion exhibits.  They hosted an Iris Apfel exhibit...need I say more?

things to do in MA Peabody Essex Museum
Peabody Essex Museum Salem
Peabody Essex Museum Fashion


cool and contemporary and it happens to be the oldest public art insititution in Maine (hence the colonial house attached to the museum).

Portland Museum
Portland Museum things to do in Portland
Portland Museum Art

what are your favorite museums? and do you have any recommendations? share them in the comments below! 

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