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NYFW Essentials

NYFW Essentials


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I learned a lot from attending NYFW this year and wanted to share some tips with you.  First, make sure that you bring a good sized bag because you will get a lot of free merch, like water, snacks, magazines, etc.  Also if you choose to switch shoes, it's helpful to have a bag to keep them in (many people do).  If you attend one of the bigger shows, check out the Tresume Salon.  They will style your (dry) hair for free.  Just book your appointment early because they fill up fast.  Lastly BRING SNACKS!  Often times shows start late and run later and you're left running to your next event.  Also time gets away from you and all of a sudden you're fatigued (that happened to me a lot).  I was lucky to meet a group of friendly bloggers and one shared her snacks and tips with me.

1. Bring snacks (pretzels with peanut butter are a great option).

2. Bring makeup with you for touch ups (I kept liquid liner, lipstick and perfume with me).

 3. Have moisturizer, gum and Chapstick handy.  The cold weather will chap your lips and hands.  

4. Purchase a week pass on a Metrocard.  I find public transportation to be quicker, but if you'd rather take a car service, Uber Pool Pass is a cheaper alternative (but not if you're in a hurry).  

5. Keep a portable charger handy.  With all of the pictures you take and Instagram stories you post, your battery will deplete quickly.

6.  Bring cute sunnies to compliment your outfit because it's fun to get your Anna Wintour on.  

This isn't as much an essential as it is a tip: be yourself and talk to other people!  People are so much friendlier than I expected, and I met so many amazingly sweet people at the shows.

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