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NYFW | Packing Guide

NYFW | Packing Guide

Before You Go

Map out your route to the shows.  Figure out what time each show starts and where it's located.  Star your location in Google Maps so that you can easily find it.  This will help you reduce travel time and make getting to and from shows much easier.  I stayed in Astoria with my friend and had to add 45 minutes for commute time.  Luckily I mapped out the shows before and anticipated traffic, so that I was never late.

Check the weather for each day.  Thursday's weather was horrible.  I went against my better judgement and didn't bring winter boots.  I ruined a pair of black suede boots (and my feet) because of this.  Also, dress warm.  I packed based on looks, and had to buy another coat because I was so cold. 

Pick out your outfits before you leave, like give yourself a week, girl.  Even though I stayed up until 2am the night before my train (do not follow in my footsteps), it took a lot of stress off me when I was in the city.  Unless you want to do the most, wear one look the whole day.  It will make your life so much easier, I promise.  I would've missed most of the shows if I changed looks because shows typically start and end later than scheduled.

Planning Outfits

Plan your shoes based on the events you have that day.  If you have a lot of walking to do, wear comfortable shoes.  Block heels, sneakers and flats are a great alternative to heels, plus most people wore those shoes for this fashion week anyways.

Once you have an idea for your activities and shoes, pick the pieces that look best with those shoes.  Generally, people stayed true to their personal style instead of dressing for the show.  If you want outfit ideas, search street style sites like WhoWhatWearHarpers Bazaar, Pinterest; or you can give my outfits a look too ;).  I recommend wearing something that is true to you, but a little out of your comfort zone.  For example, statement fur coats were a staple outside of the shows.

Pack Your Bag

In addition to packing your suitcase, prep your handbags before too.  I kept my essentials in my purse, so I was prepared for every event I had that day.  In order to do this, I would take everything in my purse the night before and switch it into the purse I was wearing for the next day. Easy!

As you may have picked up on, organization and planning ahead a key components of a (semi) stress free and easy NYFW experience.  So, come prepared, enjoy your experience and leave happy.

NYFW Essentials

NYFW Essentials