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My Thoughts On Makeup

My Thoughts On Makeup

minimal makeup

Recently, I was approached by a student be interviewed for her video production assignment.  The subject she focused on makeup and my relationship with it.  I was asked a series of questions ranging from what products I use, to how I feel with and without makeup.  The discussion got in depth very quickly and has been on my mind ever since.

My personal philosophy is that makeup should be used for fun.  It should be a positive experience that you use to enhance your favorite features.  Often, makeup is associated with perfection and covering up flaws, or insecurities.  I think it's time to change that perception and the way we view ourselves.

I like to wear makeup to express myself on a daily basis.  I usually wear a cat eye accompanied by a nude or colored lip depending on my mood.  What I love about makeup is it's ability to complete your look, and express your energy that day.  It's a way to say, "hey, I'm feeling colorful and cheerful and I want to show it".  Some days I might wear bright pink, where others I'll wear a deep burgundy.

When it comes to having a naked face, I am usually pretty comfortable with it, or so I thought. When asked about how I felt about not wearing makeup, I stumbled onto the topic of makeup at work.  I went on a bit of a tangent, talking about how I look/am young and I use makeup to distinguish myself from students.  The more we talked, I realized that I am subconsciously using makeup to cover up an insecurity.  Only after reflecting on this discussion, did I realize it.

Although this isn't a big issue, I am glad that it was brought to my attention.  We all have insecurities that we may not even know about.  It's nice to know what they are, so we can take a step back and realize that maybe were wearing or doing something for the wrong reason.

You're beautiful just the way you are!

This article was written for my old blog in 2015.  After traveling and working in different environments, I am happy to say that my perspective has stayed the same, but my daily makeup has changed.

After interning for a fashion brand and living in New York City for the summer, my thoughts on work makeup were turned on their head.  I was used to women wearing makeup in an obvious way for work, and being noticeably done up.  However, women in New York flaunted their natural, effortless beauty with a confidence that really caught my eye.  It wasn't just their natural beauty, or Glossier style dewy face that I was attracted to.  It was their straight up I don't give a fuck attitude.  

After my first month, interning and modeling for the company, my usual cat eye started to feel a little too extra for SOHO.  So I did like the fashiony New Yorkers and ditched it for a more minimal look.  A natural contour, mascara and brows that's it.  Not once did I feel too young, or uncomfortable in this new look.  It allowed me to enhance my natural features, like my thick eyebrows and blue eyes and let them stand on their own.   

I felt (and still feel) best wearing minimal makeup.  Living in New York made me re-evaluate myself and my security with the way that I look.  Going back to teaching, I no longer worry about my age, or the way that I look.  I wear minimal makeup and do my job to the best of my ability.   

If you're interested, these are the three products that I use to achieve my natural look |

Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Gel (in shade 3) + Lorac Pro Lash Pomade  + Anastasia of Beverly Hills Contour Kit (in beige)

Wearing this minimal makeup has really made me appreciate the features that I was born with.  What are your favorite features on yourself?  Comment them below. 

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