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Dear High School Graduates

Dear High School Graduates

In celebration of the new graduates I present to you a few tips about graduating with photography and dresses from Max and Riley:


I know it seems intimidating, going off to the next chapter of your life, but approach it with excitement and dive in head first.  Orientation seems so intimidating, but remember everyone is in the same boat as you, so be nice and say hi.  I thought I wasn't going to meet anyone or make any new friends going in, but everyone was so friendly and I made friends quickly.  You will too!  I've learned over time that similar people usually gravitate towards each other, so you will find your niche.

  • Enjoy Freshman year because it is the most fun year in my opinion.  I met so many people my freshman year because everyone was in the same situation and connected over it.  Also, keep your door open.  You never know when a great person may pop their head in and say hi.  The girls on my floor were quick to come in and introduce themselves.  And, as crazy as it sounds, we've remained best friends since...I'm even a bridesmaid in one of their weddings.
  • Freshman 15 (20 for me) is real. The only thing I recommend is taking care of yourself. I wish I did more of that my freshman year. But it's all good, my guy friends introduced me to the gym my sophomore year, and it's been history since. And Celine introduced me to wrapping lettuce around your burger instead of a bun. #healthiswealth
  • After you get acclimated to college, start to really think about your future and what you want to do because this can change over time (and that's totally fine).  I only finalized my major at the end of Sophomore year, after taking art classes.  I ended up majoring in Art Education.
  • Take this time to explore your passions and do a few internships. Companies LOVE to hire college students as interns, and you can get school credit for it too!  It's a win win for you because you can get experience and have an understanding of what you want (and don't want) to do.  I wish I knew this earlier in my college career.
  • GO TO CLASS! You learn some pretty cool stuff when you're present.  My Art History class taught me a lot about art and culture throughout history...did you know that in the Renaissance paintings, a dog represents fidelity?  Pretty cool.   Because I had an understanding of Art History, I impressed Liza Selzer founder, of Lulu Frost by asking an art history related question at a capstone conference.  Seeing her impressed reaction was pretty incredible since Art History was her major.
  • Do things alone. Like go to the gym, or dining hall. *gasp* is that even possible. Yes, it is an you can do it, and you may even enjoy it. You can't always plan around your friends schedule, so make time for yourself. 
  • GO TO YOUR ADVISERS! And use the school resources for help. I cannot tell you how much I regret not taking advantage of these resources. They can literally help you with anything you need, even getting a job in the future. 
  • Volunteer! Help out! I was a note taker in one of my classes and I am so happy that I did it. I am an OCD note taker so knowing that something I do regularly could help someone else was really exciting for me.

Lastly, enjoy every single moment of college. Seize all opportunities and enjoy the little things. Because college won't last forever!

graduation dress

Photography | Max and Riley

Lace dresses from Max and Riley |

My Look |

White Lace Dress |  Paper Crown |  Metallic Platform Shoes | Zara

* I find that midi fit and flare dresses like this are comfortable, and flattering on a tall figure.

On Caitlin |

Mint Lace Dress Paper Crown |  Black Sandals | Banana Republic

*If you're not into the whole white on graduation, try a pastel instead.  Like this mint green color.

Summer Staple Lit Boutique

Summer Staple Lit Boutique

Summer Street Style | Miami Inspired Maxi Dress

Summer Street Style | Miami Inspired Maxi Dress