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Spring Blues | How To Wear Blue Lipstick

Spring Blues | How To Wear Blue Lipstick

I don't know about you, but this New England weather has been giving me the blues...literally.  So it's only fitting that I experiment with blue lipstain for this shoot.  It seems like a shocking color, but when paired with a matching coat and top knot, it feels strong and sophisticated.  To counter this dark hue, I kept the rest of my look neutral and clean.  It's important to keep everything else simple so that the color can be the pop.  With this look, it allows the blue to take center stage.  

I would describe a blue lip, like a colored mascara: it's virtually undetectable until you view it from close up.  From far away, it creates a beautiful dimension to your lips, and can be perceived as a dark red or Burgundy.  But after a closer look shows the rich, cooler tone of the blue, that really pops on any skin tone.  This is a color for the confident, which I know you are since you're reading this. 

Like fashion, beauty is a vehicle for you to express yourself in a unique way.  Although I am a minimal makeup kind of gal, I really enjoy experimenting with bold lip hues.  I love the statement that they make and the conversations that they encourage.  I'm drawn to the uncomfortable nature of products that push me out of my comfort zone, so it makes sense that I'm drawn to dramatic lip colors.  Wearing a taboo color gives me a rush, and when paired properly makes me feel on top of the world.  The most important thing about wearing non-traditional pieces, is the confidence behind them because in the end, that's what makes the look stand out.

I styled the look around the white turtleneck that Hope Ave gifted me.  I love the sleek neckline, baby soft material and long length.  The structural style elevates the look, making it perfect for a bougie brunch with your friends.  Wear it with a nude lip for brunch, and add the blue for dinner or a night out.  If you want to start a conversation, or make a statement, this blue is the perfect color for you.  When I wear a bold color like this blue, I get a lot of questions about it, specifically where one can get it too.  

If you loved this look for the weekend, wear it for work too. Here's how:

For Work |

How to wear blue lipstick

The only positive thing about this weather is that you can continue to wear faux fur jackets. They are a warm, pop of color for this chilly spring.  Since they're a cold weather piece, they usually go on sale during this time, so you can get great deals.  Below are my picks for colorful faux fur:

Blue Lipstick

Photography | Alexi Reibman

Makeup | Wensley Fagan

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