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The Force is Female

The Force is Female

"Women are beautiful. But they are also powerful. Smart. Strong. So I dressed them in all men’s clothing with no makeup just to show everyone how beautiful they are without over-sexualizing them. Society has made women feel that in order to be sexy and beautiful they need to show their bodies. Women- be strong, powerful, and confident without the objectification." Sydney Claire

The idea behind this shoot is women empowerment, Sydney dressed us in menswear with no makeup to prove a point. That women are beautiful and strong no matter what they wear. The ideas of self expression and inner confidence are two things that are extremely important to me and are the motivation behind what I do.  The idea of empowering people, especially women is what drives me creatively, especially when styling.  Throughout my life, my style has been a form of self expression and means everything to me.  Encouraging others to embrace their inner beauty and express themselves through the way that they dress is something that really drives me.  I hope this shoot makes you feel beautiful and inspired too.

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Photography | Sydney Claire

Models | Idara, Vanessa, Sam

Clothing | Thrive Exchange


The Force is Female Black and Whites

The Force is Female Black and Whites