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How To Style a Floral Skirt for Eveningwear

This first look is my take on an early evening outfit, it transitions nicely from day to dinner.  I paired a loose blouse with an A line floral skirt, sock boots and a blazer.  To spice it up, I tied a black neckerchief around my neck to create an elevated, choker-like look.  When it comes to evening wear, I think that chokers are super sexy, but can come across as childish.  The perfect alternative for a more mature look is a thin scarf or neckerchief.  Mine was a parting gift from DRESSHIRT, the fashion company that I used to intern for.

Swap Your Sweaters for Sparkles This Holiday

how to wear velvet and metallic stars for the holidays. The holidays are coming up, so let's ring them in in style.  Swap your sweater for a textured blazer, and get decked out in sparkles.  I worked with LIT Boutique to create a fun holiday look.  We paired textured red velvet and some sparkles to create the perfect look for a night out.  

Elevate Your Holiday Look with a Bodysuit

My new favorite piece to add to a holiday look is a fitted bodysuit.  They hug your figure and create a tailored fit that a shirt can't match.  Luckily for us brands are starting to take notice and creating unique styles that can be worn for formal occasions instead of for a night out.  For an elevated twist on a holiday party look, I paired a sheer, high neck bodysuit with green corduroy trousers.  It's sexy, yet sophisticated and even though the suit is sheer, it doesn't feel over the top.  Plus the green trousers also add a pop of color and a holiday feel.

Streetwear | Statement Sleeves x Monogram Belts

how to wear the statement sleeves trend for a work outfit and for a casual outfit.  80's are back.  When I first heard this I cringed, the 80's are my least favorite decade in fashion.  The styles were so out there and gaudy with neon colors, perms and ill fitting clothing (MC Hammer pants).  Even after seeing the Saint Laurent sparkle boot during fashion week my feelings haven't changed much.  However, when details are taken from the decade and simplified, and modernized, I can get behind them.  Like this simplified statement sleeve with a wrap waist.   In addition to being "on trend", it creates a flattering silhouette. The volume of the sleeves paired with a slim waist, creates the illusion of a smaller med section.  I chose to pair this H&M balloon sleeve top with high waisted denim and a monogram belt.  This style can be overwhelming, so I recommend keeping the look simple.  Here are some other ways that I plan on wearing it: